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Camp Temagami

A Fun & Exciting Wilderness Adventure

Canoe tripping at Camp Temagami is a fun and exciting wilderness adventure that offers real reward; it is the ideal pursuit to empower adolescent development. Our program is designed to promote self-reliance, provide a link to the past, a connection to the landscape we travel through, and encourage valuable personal growth.

We engage campers in active learning that does not need to be staged or manufactured and offer a rare opportunity to unplug from a world full of technology and “virtual” experiences. Each participant receives the necessary instruction and guidance to foster self-confidence, leadership, teamwork, friendships, and community through personal accomplishment.

Canoe Tripping

Canoe tripping is the core activity at Camp Temagami, and every group takes trips matched to its age and experience.

In-Camp Facilities

Our full service base camp sits on a private 20-acre island at the top of the Southwest Arm of Lake Temagami, Ontario. The island is home to historical 1930s structures, new amenities, a ball field, and a pristine clearwater bay.

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We have boys and girls programs for every age group and session length. Under the right circumstances, we offer co-ed programs for older campers.

Adolescent Development Programs

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