Tributary Fund

Like great wilderness rivers, the opportunities for youth to unplug from technology and experience a true adventure are becoming increasingly rare. To make Camp Temagami more accessible for deserving youth, we have launched the Tributary Fund.

All rivers gain strength from tributaries. Sometimes it is a confluence of two major river systems that creates one dramatically larger river. More often, it is a series of smaller creeks, streams, and rivers that bolsters the larger river’s flow, power, and appearance.

Tributaries are often a highlight of our trips. They mesmerize us when they make a dramatic entrance as a scenic waterfall, and they support us on our journey when they provide increased water volume to assist our progress.

The contributions made by Camp Temagami Tributaries are used exclusively to provide financial assistance to help deserving youth attend camp. Please contact us to learn how to become a Tributary or to see if you qualify for a scholarship or financial aid.

Inquire About Financial Aid or Becoming a Tributary