Summer Camps for Children

summer camps for children“Camp Temagami is the place that has shaped me the most, both personally and professionally. It is the place I look most forward to being at each and every year. Camp Temagami is the place where I have made my closest friends, met my greatest role models and been introduced to the beautiful world of exploring Canadian wilderness by canoe. It is the place for everyone to be each and every summer!!!”

This was a review shared on Camp Temagami’s Facebook page. If you want to compare summer camps for children in hopes of finding the right place for your son or daughter, go straight to the source. The campers themselves will shed more light on the camp itself than any other detail we can give you. We believe in our programs, speak passionately about what we do, and put our all into the canoe tripping excursions, but none of those things matter if our campers walk away disappointed. Fortunately, this isn’t the case – because we deliver what we sell. As the above review illustrates, our campers do just the opposite (and we appreciate their loyalty).

Our summer camps are designed to enrich the lives of your children in ways that aren’t common anymore. We trust in nature to inspire us and provide us with all we need. At the center of our wilderness adventure is canoeing. Our staff is equipped and experienced to oversee your child, keeping them safe while enabling them to accomplish tasks on their own. It requires responsibility, dedication, and self-reliance. These are just a fraction of the skills they’ll tap into, foster, and bring home with them.

Our facilities are situated in the beautiful Canadian wilderness where people come to know authentic experiences. Whether your child is eight or eighteen, Camp Temagami is a place they’ll learn to love – sometimes on Day One, but always by the last day. Our summer camps for children offer unique opportunities that have lasting effects. We hope to be the camp you read about in the aforementioned review for your adolescent this summer.