International canoe camp

If you’re looking for a summer camp with participants from Canada, the US and beyond, look no further than Camp Temagami in Ontario Canada. We typically have participants join us from over 10 different countries each summer. Our camp community is not only a great place to learn about new cultures and share ideas in a positive and supportive environment, but we also offer a great English language immersion opportunity.

Our facilities are centered in beautiful country that makes way for an authentic experience where you can encounter nature on a grand scale. With canoe tripping as our focus, campers will paddle their way toward peace and personal development. In fact, there’s no telling where you’ll go, because we emphasize the journey.

camp-wilderness-resortThe journey is both physical and mental, occurring both from the outside and from within. Not everyone comes to our camp looking for a major transformation, but just about everyone leaves differently than how they arrived. The wilderness has a way of seeing to it. No one is resistant to the influence of our outdoor surroundings.

It’s not that campers have to come to our camp to find themselves, but rather that they lose themselves in the chaos of everyday life. This is the first adjustment for many – leaving the instant gratification and unplugging for a considerable period of time. Once you do, any initial anxiousness is quickly replaced with an overwhelming sense of freedom. The canoeing adventure lends itself to the fostering of self-awareness. It’s amazing what a simple dose of hard work can do.

This is just a glimpse into our programs, with much more to offer. The potential is endless with nature as our guiding light. Browse our site to learn more about Camp Temagami, its individual trips, and don’t miss the history on our place. Every aspect contributes to who we are and what we do. More importantly, it contributes to who you can become and what you’ll take away from your time spent here. Camp Temagami isn’t looking to change you; we’re looking to welcome you as you are and let you work out the rest at our camp wilderness resort. Are you ready?