Canoe Tripping

Canoe tripping isn’t necessarily for everyone, but it can be for anyone. Yes, you read that correctly. Camp Temagami offers a range of boys’ and girls’ camp programs that feature canoeing as the main event. Between the physical benefits it affords and the mental gains it fosters, there is no question of its value. Better yet, there are no requirements or restrictions as far as experience and canoeing ability go. If you have a child who’s trying to find his/her way through adolescence, look no further for a constructive force than our camp in Ontario, Canada. Actually, it’s an opportunity available to the whole family, as well, for those who enjoy enriching adventures together.

canoe-trippingCanoeing is about as basic as it gets, and yet its rewards are incredible. From the canoeing partner you befriend to the rapids you encounter, the trip will be comprised of many moments you’ll live to recount and cherish. It doesn’t matter how old or smart the camper is, canoe tripping teaches life skills that won’t go unnoticed. Problem solving and purpose, to name a couple, are take-aways that no camper will underestimate. Last but not least, the self-assurance that many find along the way manifests into a more positive self-image that will remain even after camp concludes.

Camp Temagami is carried out in order to engross and support preteens and teens at a crucial period in their development. By featuring thrilling canoe tripping as our primary focus, we draw off of the challenges to promote community, responsibility, and confidence. Overall, the experience is meant to equip our campers to better handle life.

An experience like this at Camp Temagami is more than a way to spend a few weeks of your summer vacation; it’s an investment in yourself and in truth, something even bigger. The fact that it’s the most fun you’ll have is an added bonus. Our canoe tripping is all that you’d expect and a whole lot more. We hope to have you with us on our next journey.