Canoe Camping Trip

Welcome to Camp Temagami where the only thing standing between you and a canoe camping trip is your passivity. Don’t let this unique opportunity pass you by. Whether it’s an interest of yours, your child’s, or the entire family, we have trips you’ll want to see.

Our three main adventures are recommended for boys and girls between the ages of eight and eighteen. We offer boys’ programs, girls’ programs, and co-educational programs, as well, that can last anywhere from two weeks to six weeks. Our family camps are all customized, typically lasting one week.

canoe camping tripThe rivers we travel in Canada provide great experiences suitable for a wide range of abilities. Prior to embarking on the longer voyages, we guide our campers in learning and practicing the necessary skillset. Safety is always a priority. We’re here to let your child build character through the act of canoe tripping, but never do we compromise safety in order to do so.

Campers enjoy the sights and sounds of the wilderness, the newborn (and usually long-lasting) camaraderie, not to mention the stillness and serenity that can be found even alongside the rapids and waterfalls. From the fast-paced thrills to the quiet time, every moment has its time and place. The transformation that occurs, no matter the degree, is one that stays with you. Sometimes, you don’t even realize just how much of an effect the excursion had on you until you return to normalcy; but even then, it’s a change you’ll cherish.

If you’re looking for fun, an escape from the everyday routine, a chance to meet new people, an enriching voyage you’ll never forget, or all of the above, Camp Temagami has just the pursuit you desire. In fact, there’s a good chance that the one-time answer you seek in us becomes a tradition you look to uphold year after year. We hope you do; our canoe camping trip is a must.